Business trip to South Korea

Invited by the Korea Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires a delegation of 10 persons visited Southe Korea from November 9 up to and including November 16 2014.


Bezoek aan burgemeeser Gangjin2


The delegation existed of:


Evert van Sprakelaar, representative of the Hamel Foundation
Ria oosterop-van Leussen, mayor of Graft-De Rijp
three heads of school from Graft-De Rijp:
Kees Dekker, of De Baanbreker
Brigitta Hendriks of the Vinckhuysen school
Tineke Butter of the St. Jozef school
Karin Ossebaar-Schrader, civil servant of Graft-De Rijp
three heads of school from Gorinchem:
Theo Merkx of Mariƫngaarde
Ellen van Leerdam of De Regenboog
Peter Vroone of the primary school Gorinchem
Se-Jin Lee, secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea


Below follows the report of the trip.


November 10th, 2014
Arrival at Seoul, where the Group stayed at hotel The Plaza Seoul


November 11th, 2014

1. Visit to South Korea's Economic Development at Hyundai Economic Research Institute.
2. Lunch offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
3. Meeting with the Director of Public Diplomacy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
4. Briefing by the senior official of the Ministry of Education on the education policy for primary schools and the results of the South Korean government.
5. NANTA humorous cooking show without words.
6. Dinner 



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November 12th, 2014
1. Meeting with Seoul deputy mayor
2. Visit to a Primary School in Seoul
3. Lunch offered by the Korea Foundation
4. Visit the National Gugak Center to learn traditional Korean music
5. Visit to Bukchon Hanok Village. This is the section with traditional houses (hanoks) in Seoul
6. Visit to statue of Jan Janszn. Weltevree at the Children's Grand Park in Seoul


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November 13th, 2014

1. Departure for Mokpo City to drive to Gangjin from there, the sister city of Gorinchem
2. Visit to a small primary school at Gangjin
3. Meeting with the mayor of Gangjin
4. Visit to the Hamel Memorial Museum



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November 14th, 2014

1. Departure from Mokpo to Seoul
2. Visit to the Northeast Asian History Foundation
3. Dinner at the Namsan Seoul Tower


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November 15th, 2014

1. Visit to DMZ (border between North and South Korea)
2. Dinner at Insadong


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November 16th, 2014

1. Departure from Korea



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