Verslag lezing bibliotheek

Op 29 mei hield onze stichting in de bibliotheek in De Rijp een lezing/informatie-avond over de stichting, over Jan Janszn. Weltevree, de eerste westerling, die voet aan wal zetten in Korea en over Korea zelf.

Er werd ingegaan op het doel van de stichting: de relatie tussen De Rijp en Korea benadrukken en versterken.


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Wreath laying


On Tuesday, April 17, a delegation from the board attended the wreath laying at the monument for the fallen in the 1950-1954 Korea War. This very impressive ceremony took place at the Orange Barracks in Schaarsbergen. The ceremony was carried out by the "Red Berets" of the Van Heutsz Regiment of the 11 Airmobile Brigade.


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Korean War Veterans Day Ceremony

Korean War Veterans Day Ceremony


On 6 December, the Korean War Veterans Day Ceremony took place in The Hague. At the invitation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Z.E. Yun Young Lee, a delegation from the Jan Janszn Weltevree Foundation has attended this meeting. During the meeting the 'Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal' was presented to former Korean fighters, or to relatives of them.


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Visit Korean school Amstelveen

Because we wanted to know more about Korean customs and habits, we went to the Korean school at the Keizer Karel College in Amstelveen. There Youngmee Choi held a presentation, which gave us insight into the do's and don'ts when dealing with Koreans.In two hours you can even learn the Korean alphabet according to her! We had an interesting lesson. Thanks for that, Youngmee ..


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Receptie National Day Republic Korea

On Thursday October 19 the board of our foundation was invited by the Embassy of Korea for the reception of the National Day of the Republic Korea. This reception was held at the castel De Wittenburg in Wassenaar. The Embassador Z.E. mr. Yun Young Lee spoke, after the beautiful singing of the Korean and Dutch national anthem, to the many people present and then we enjoyed a delicious buffet. There was ample opportunity to speak to several people who might mean something to our foundation in the future.


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Commemoration Day 2017

On Friday August 25th the 4th Jan Janszn. Weltevree Commemoration Day was held.  During a sunlit day, guests have been treated to on an extensive program. After lunch with the ambassador, the official reception took place in the hotel De Rijper Eilanden. Sunnam Kim opened with a traditional Korean dance, the Queens dance.


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Tosca Sombroek (23) was born and raised in De Rijp. She is a 3rd year student at Amsterdam University. where she studies Social Geography and Planning. For this study she has been to Seoul for a month. Of course, a visit to the statue of Jan Janszn. Weltevree in the Children's Grand Park was at her program.


Story of Tosca

Visiting the new ambassador

On Friday June 30, a delegation of the board went to The Hague for the first meeting with the new ambassador, Mr. Lee Yun-young.
It was a pleasant conversation; He was very interested and would like to continue the contacts with the foundation. He acknowledged the importance of the person Jan Janszn. Weltevree for Korea.



Sunam Kim and Jan Janszn. Weltevree behind the stall at the first cultifair at De Rijp, June 25 2017.

Sunam prepared Bin Dae Duk at the spot to let visitors taste this traditional dish. She also had brought Kimchi in three different flavours, of which the most spicy one was too much for several people. 

Business trip to South Korea

Invited by the Korea Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires a delegation of 10 persons visited Southe Korea from November 9 up to and including November 16 2014.


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