Alkmaar and South Korea find each other in the energy transition

When Jan Janszoon Weltevree came in South-Korea by accident almost 400 years ago, for Korea it was the first introduction to the Western world, but it also the start of a long historical connection with the Alkmaar region. Nearly 400 years later, the two countries have reinvented each other as two of the biggest leaders in innovative technology when it comes to energy transition.

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Video hometown Jan Janszn.Weltevree

The hometown of the 1st Dutchman who came to Korea

Bart van Genugten and his wife Kim Hwia live in Seoul. He has made already several films about Korea for his own YouTube channel iGoBart. During their visit to his family in the Netherlands, Bart also took the opportunity to make a film about the birthplace of Jan Janszn. Weltevree.

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Meeting at the Embassy

Delegation visits the ambassador of South Korea in Wassenaar 


On October 23d alderman Pieter Dijkman of Alkmaar with Fré Harmsen and Karin Ossebaar of the Pak Yon Foundation visited the Ambassador of South Korea, H.E. Mr. Yeondoo Jeong. The visit took place at the residence of the ambassador, where they were invited to discuss future activities. In 2021 it will be 60 years that there are diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Netherlands. Because of that there will be several festivities all over the country during the year.

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Video message National Day of Korea

On occasion of the National Foundation Day of Korea there was - because of the Covid-19-  made a video message to congratulate the Korean Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Jeondoo Jeong. Also Frederik Harmsen from the Pak Yon Foundation spoke a few words to the Ambassador.


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Commemoration Day 2020

This year the annual commemoration was held on 26 August under extraordinary circumstances. But despite all the corona restrictions and the violent storm, it has been a successful meeting. This time it took place in the Grote Kerk in De Rijp with a very limited number of guests. The whole was musically supported by the pianist Tae Youn Kim and organist / carillonneur Christiaan Winter.


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Meeting new ambassador



On wednesday, January 8, the newly appointed ambassador of the Republic of Korea, H.E. Yeondoo Jeong, had invited the board of the foundation for an introduction at the embassy. The delegation consisted of Jan, Frederik, Karin, Jaap and Francis. 

The picture has been taken in the office of the ambassador, next to the Korean flag and the Commemoration Day 2016 poster.



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Ambassador attends introduction carillon

It took several centuries but in De Rijp the bells are ringing again. At this day the carillon was introduced under the watchful eye of hundreds of spectators.  This day the set of bells has been introduced under the watchful eye of hundreds of spectators. The idea to let the carillon return at De Rijp came about six years ago from the carillonneur Christiaan Winter.




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National Day of Korea 2018


Our foundation received an invitation from the Korean ambassador mr. Yun Young Lee and his wife for the National Day of Korea, which took place in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Korean War Veterans Day Ceremony


Reception in honour of the Korean War
On 1 October, a delegation of the board has been invited to this reception by the ambassador. This year for the first time on this date, in Korea the 'Day of the Armed Forces', so very appropriate.
It was again an impressive gathering, partly because some veterans were honoured with the appointment as "Ambassador for Peace", accompanied by a beautiful medal and a certificate. Mrs. Park performed the national anthems from Korea and the Netherlands.


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Korean Cooking class

In the year 2018 the statue of Jan Janszn. Weltevree is found for over 30 years next to 'de Grote Kerk' of the town De Rijp. The Jan Janszn. Weltevree Foundation celebrates this anniversary by organizing extra activities. After the Information meeting in the library last month, a Korean 'Hansik' Cooking Class was organized on the 14th of June in Restaurant 'Bij Ernst'. As you might have noticed, Korean cuisine currently is a popular culinary trend. 

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