Jan Janszn. Weltevree Foundation aims to emphasize and intensify the relationship between De Rijp and Korea. The foundation does this by organizing and supporting cultural, educational, tourism and economic activities related to Korea.
Jan Janszn. Weltevree - born in De Rijp in 1595 and also known by his Korean name Pak Yon - is the connection between De Rijp and Korea. He was the first European in Korea and became the advisor of the Korean king.


Since the unveiling of the statue some activities related to the statue and to Jan Janszn. in general have taken place at De Rijp. Successive Ambassadors have privately or on the initiative of the city council visited De Rijp and groups of Koreans have been guided through the village. Several times in close cooperation with the municipality, the Korean Embassy and the museum In 't Houten Huis (In the Wooden House) we have held a Jan Janszn. Weltevree Commemoration Day. During those days various activities took place, partly in the museum, partly in the Grote Kerk of De Rijp. Although these days as such were successful and were well supported by the municipality, they remained nevertheless incidental matters. Now that the municipality of Graft-De Rijp has merged with the municipality of Alkmaar, there was a greater need for a more structured approach to all matters related to Jan Janszn. Weltevree, to Korean activities in the Netherlands and to Korea.

The board of the Foundation Some individual promoters have in consultation with representatives of the Museum In 't Houten Huis at De Rijp, VVV (the Tourist Board of De Rijp), the hotel De Rijper Eilanden at De Rijp developed plans to shape the desired structure.


The first Board of the Foundation consists of:

  • Fré (F.T.) Harmsen, chairman 
  • Karin (K.) Ossebaar-Schrader, secretary
  • Francis (F.G.M.) Borst-Roet, treasurer
  • Jaap (J.J.) Smit, on behalf of the Tourist Bureau De Rijp, board member
  • Jan (J. G.) Prins, board member
  • Esther (E.) Boomgaard-Onrust, board member
  • Mart (M.J.) Leek, on behalf of hotel the Rijper Eilanden, board member
  • Jaap (J.A.C.) Klaver on behalf of ‘Dagje De Rijp’ (Daytrips to De Rijp), board member

Apart from the mentioned persons also take part a member of Alkmaar Marketing & Mrs. (Mandy) Brussaard, who personally organizes projects related to Korea, in cooperation with Mr. Evert van Sprakelaar of the Hamel Foundation in Gorinchem.

It has been decided that Alkmaar Marketing will function as a partner of the foundation. The representative of this organisation is in that capacity contact for the municipality of Alkmaar. Mrs. Brussaard will advise the foundation and where possible the foundation and its activities in Gorinchem will support and complement each other.


"The Koreans Come to De Rijp"

As a summary theme this slogan will be used for future activities. It is based on the book 'The Dutch Come to Korea by Gari Ledyard. This theme can be understood both literally and figuratively. Tourists or Koreans living in the Netherlands will be stimulated to visit Alkmaar, Schermer and Graft and De Rijp; inhabitants of these places, school children and adults will be involved in one way or another with Korea and in doing so carry with them something of the two countries for the rest of their lives.


The foundation focuses on three main points:

  • Education
    Schools encourage in any form Korea c.q. Jan Janszn. to include in the curriculum.
  • Tourism
    Plans which support De Rijp, Schermer and Alkmaar are recognized as an attractive destination.
  • Economy
    Where possible support contacts with Dutch and Korean companies can play a role.

The foundation aims to:

  1. Enhance the relationship between De Rijp and Korea. From the historical perspective;
  2. Emphasize the attractiveness of De Rijp for Korean tourists;
  3. This relying on the person of Jan Janszn. Weltevree born in De Rijp, approximately in 1595, also known by his Korean name Pak Yon;
  4. Organizing, initiating and supporting cultural, educational and touristic activities in De Rijp related to the Republic of Korea;
  5. Perform all further actions, which are in the broadest sense of the foregoing or may be contributing to them.

The foundation seeks to achieve its objective among other things by:

  1. Initiating and supporting educational projects in schools for primary and secondary education in the municipality;
  2. initiating activities for both Korean and Dutch tourists;
  3. organizing concerts, exhibitions, theater performances and similar versions;
  4. assisting in the organization of the above-mentioned activities by others;
  5. giving an opportunity to organize the aforementioned cultural expressions by others.