Commemoration Day 2018

This year was the 5th Commemoration Day. It took place in Hotel De Rijper Eilanden at August 24. This was a special edition of the bond between South Korea and De Rijp, created by our famous fellow villager. The statue of Jan Janszn. Weltevree, made by the artist Elly Baltus, is standing next to the 'Grote Kerk' (Main Church) for 30 years. 

In addition to the Korean Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Yun Young Lee, we received a group of Korean students and a delegation of their Dutch host, the VOKS, The Association of Korean War Veterans. Before the start of the program the students and members of the delegation enjoyed a lunch offered by De Rijper Eilanden. After that they made a bustrip through our beautiful enviroment, including the Schermer windmills. Our chairman Frederik Harmsen acted as tour guide.  Back in the hotel all guests enjoyed the beautiful piano playing by Tae Yong Kim and Eunhee Baek. Tosca Sombroek (24) born and raised at De Rijp told about her stay in Korea, where she had been as part of her study of Social Geography and Planning at  Amsterdam University. After that there was a Taekwondo demonstration by TCP Purmerend. All guests then went by boat to the centre of the village, the statue of Jan Janszn. Weltevree. Here a flower tub with the colors of the Korean flag was unveiled by the ambassador.

This successful afternoon was concluded in front of the Town Hall with a drink, Korean snacks, Dutch cheese, sponsored by CONO Beemster Cheese and Dutch herring, sponsored by Jan Prins.